Wednesday, 18 January 2017

1/72nd Chaos warriors WIP

Hi guys

So after finishing the conversion work on my fantasy Greek Hoplites (shield decals arrived today, so will be painting them soon) I decided to work on some chaos warrior conversions, I wanted a group of at least 10 heavily armoured warriors (I will also do lighter chaos marauders) so here are 10 warriors and a standard bearer, will now work on a champion, want to make him a little larger than the rest, these aren't quite finished, want to swap out some of the weapons, and clean up some area, they're not perfect, but they will do, all comments welcome.


  1. They are great, highly else will have anything like that in 1/72nd

  2. That's ever so clever! What did you use?

  3. the grey stuff is procreate and the green is green stuff, both 2 part putties.