Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Review of 1/72nd Dark Alliance Cimmerians set II

Hi guys

I am going to do a few reviews of these 1/72nd scale fantasy sets, mainly because when I was researching these to choose what I wanted, I couldn't find many good pics of the minis, so to help others who are interested here are some close ups.
The box says 33 figures in 11 poses, however there are 40 figs in 10 poses, I think they used the same box graphics as set I and forgot to change this info, I have left the flash on the figs so you can see how they come, but the plastic is firm, yet soft enough that trimming it off is easy, and converting is a dream (as you will see in my next post).
My opinion of these figs is they are great, sculpting and poses are nice and crisp, a good range of 9 melee poses and 1 mage/druid type with bear claw gloves and shoes (not sure what is in set 1, hopefully some bow and command) there is also a mounted set available, I will be using these for adventurers and warriors in 2 bands/factions, a Norse barbarian type, and a Grecian type (my next post) pics tell 1000 words so here you go.

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  1. A really useful post. 1/72 is becoming once again an excellent scale to game in. Thanks for sharing this.