Saturday, 4 February 2017

1/72 Elven Cavalry WIP 2

Hi guys

These still have a bit of work to be done, gauntlets, bow and quiver, lance and pennant, and a plume on the horses head, the pics are blown up double size, so the imperfections stand out, they are not that bad in person.
How do the shields look? they are only tacked on so can be changed, do they look Elven enough? also looking at adding some detail to the leaders helm, maybe some dragon wings? all comments welcome.


  1. Fantastic! As for the shields, first shape I think of when it comes to elves is Norman kite shields. But that's just me.

    Love the idea of the charity auction. How much are you expecting them to go for?

  2. I have no idea, hopefully as much as possible, I love my hobby to much, something good has to come out of it or I need to give it up, this way I get to enjoy and help the needy, win win.