Saturday, 25 February 2017

1/72nd Winter US ready for paint

Hi guys

This 1/72nd Winter US commission is nearly ready for painting, I have tried to keep copies of poses to a minimum, have added 2 x 6 man ATG crews, these were made up of a mix of PSC US heavy weapons and Russian ATG crews, this force has quite a mix of figures, US infantry and paras, Brits, and Russians, but they will all look like Yanks once painted. All comments welcome.

3 x BAR teams

dismounted tank crew, the double figure is from the Italeri Brit pack

2 x Bazooks teams, an FO and sniper team, gave the sniper a woollen cap

1 HMG and 2 x MMG teams

some of the riflemen

more riflemen

2x ATG teams and some riflemen

converted Italeri US Para

Converted Revell Brit

Converted PSC AT gunner

This guy had a carbine, wanted to use the pose, changed to a rifle

2 of the same pose

same pose


  1. Really a terrific job, Dan, I can not wait to see them painted.


  2. Thanks guys, starting the painting later this week.