Friday, 10 February 2017

20mm Russian JS-1 and infantry

Hi guys

Finished these on commission for a long time customer, he unexpectedly sent me a parcel of yummy chocolates from Canada recently, so I decided to return the favour by gifting him this JS-1 to go along with his infantry, I built it many years ago, I believe it was an Italeri kit, I detailed a couple of areas with wire, all comments welcome.


  1. JS-1 - what a beast! Really nicely painted.

  2. Lovely vehicle and figures. You have a talent for painting and building gear that's certain. However, is it a JS1? Could it be the JS2 perhaps?

  3. Yeah, I believe the original kit was incorrect, the hull is JS-1, you can tell be the front armour plate, the js-2 has a straight sloping armour, the js1 has a step under the drivers periscope, the models turret/gun is JS-2, so I think of it as an upgunned js-1