Thursday, 20 January 2011

Trojan wars project

Hi guys, I have started painting some Trojan war figures for my mate Scott, this set is from Redoubt Enterprises and some of the other figures in the project are from Foundry, this set is Achilles in 2 poses an attendant in 2 poses and a chariot driver, there are 20 other figures in this project, and I will be painting 5 at a time, these are war gaming quality figures with some annoying seems and flash, but they are interesting to paint, I would give these 6.5/10, all comments welcome.
Achilles - I wanted to keep similarities to the movie Troy, so I gave Achilles black armour and clothing.

with shields.

the set of 5 together.

Chariot driver.

Attendant in 2 poses.


  1. These are looking really nice gunner!
    You certainly have a wide range of interet.

  2. Looking good Danl. No rush on these guys however. I'm off overseas with 'work' for the next six months,..
    Wish me luck!

  3. Thanks Paul

    Good luck Scott, stay safe, Cheers.