Monday, 25 July 2011

Review 15mm Space pals and nemesis

Hi guys, my Space pals and nemesis arrived today, so I thought I would do a short review, my first impressions were, wow these guys are perfect, the helmeted guy and the hairy dude bot come in 2 parts, helmet guy has a separate back pack, and the hairy guys has a separate piece to his gun, they are really very nice sculpts and have a striking resemblance to some pop culture characters, there is a Felid in the pic for size comparison, his base is a little raised though, the 2 humans are comparative to the new GZG NAC in size, they are more 18mm then 15mm, I measured them and they are 15mm from foot to eye, however they are both slightly crouching, this is a great size for me so I am happy, I have included a comparison photo between my sculpt and the Highland studio sculpt, and the Highland studio sculpt wins hands down, mine looks like a hairy Elvis, I can't wait for more of these, these type of characters are very welcome in 15mm Scifi, 9/10 for more info go here