Saturday 31 December 2011

WIP 15mm Crusties power armor

Hi guys, have done some work on my Crusties, starting with the Power armor and 4 small walkers, the power armor will be organized into 3, 4 crusty squads, I decided on a nice contrasting orange/white.
These are really nicely sculpted figures (the crusty range is from GZG) they originally came with 2 wing/antenna like protrusions off the jump pack, but I decided to remove them, I rate these a 8.5/10, they lose a point for only having 3 poses and no obvious command figure. I still have some cleaning up and detailing to do on these figures (as well as the bases)


  1. Those look great - I can't wait to see the finished models.

  2. winning colour scheme gunner, prepare to have that nicked by a hundred hobbyists