Saturday 14 July 2012

WIP T-70m

Hi guys, I found this old project in the cupboard, its 90% finished, just some final weathering to do, this is UMs T-70m, its a great little kit, I turned mine into a Beutepanzer, all comments welcome.


  1. That's great Dan. I like the details - the bent and rusted mud guard, for example.

    A Beautpanzer - it there such a thing, or is it just because it's a wee beaut!

  2. Looks good, nice camo scheme and the tracks looks really good

  3. Lovely Dan, it screams out "the little tank that could!"

    Being a UM kit was it a dream to build?

  4. It was a pretty simple kit, the hardest part was the tracks, they are link and length and very small and fragile, hard to cut off the spru, I replaced the fenders with tin, and the mesh with vinyl mesh, added details with plasticard and wire, etc.