Monday 20 July 2015

Warlord plastic German Grenadiers commission and review.

Hi guys

Have just finished making/paint 64 plastic Warlord German Grenadiers on commission, a big job, around 65hrs work. 

As far as the kit goes, I like them better then the metal Bolt action figs, they are better proportioned and the faces are less cartoony, due to them being plastic the detail isn't as crisp as the metals, but they are still pretty good, my only issues with them is they really could do with more arm options, they need a straight left and right carrying arm so you can pose them carrying weapons at the trail, and they need a pointing arm, it's pretty clich√© but good for command poses, also they don't have any shoulder boards/straps, it would be interesting to see how the parts interchange with the other Warlord German plastic infantry kits, I have a project forming in the back of my mind, but that's for the distant future. 

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