Sunday 27 September 2015

20mm Romanians for Chain of command

Hi guys

My mate Scott (Trailape of Trailapes wargame ) have decided to play regular games of Chain of command, even though I already have a couple of 20mm WWII project started I have decided to start another and am determined to actually finish this one in a timely manner, I could have made any of the usual suspects for this period but when I was going through my stash a box of Hat Romanians caught my eye, I wanted to expand the available poses so decided to convert some WWI German Jagers to fill the ranks, with head swaps they will be close enough, I added some of the Jäger packs to the Romanians to add more variety and blend the 2 lots together, also added blacked rolls to the Jägers. I finished the group off with 4jump off points.


  1. That's a great idea, to use Jaegers as Rumania...

  2. Nice work. I am looking forward to see how you progress with these.

  3. Looking great mate. Let me know if you're keen for a game of Chain of Command at any stage, always up for a game.


  4. Yeah, probably will at some stage.