Tuesday 22 March 2016

Napoleonic online miniatures museum kicks off

Hi guys

I have always wanted to make a 15mm Napoleonic miniature museum in a display cabinet in my home, but never got around to doing it, I am helping Erik a customer/friend of mine to do one for himself so I decided to start my own, however I am going to do an online museum, that can be a uniform resource for miniature collectors and wargamers, I am no Napoleonic expert, just an enthusiast with general knowledge, so I may very well make the odd mistake, fell free to let me know when I do, I plan to represent each uniform with a little vignette like then ones below, that will take some time, so in the mean time I will use old photos that aren't as nice and replace them as I get better ones, feel free to offer any ideas you may have, here are the first 3 entries, please follow this blog if you are interested in the Napoleonic period.
more pics here at the museum
Wurttemberg 1st Light infantry Battalion 1808-1810 uniform
Wurttemberg 1st Light Infantry Battalion 1811-1812 uniform
Wurttemberg horse and foot Artillery