Monday, 7 August 2017

1/72nd Winter FJs part 3

Hi guys

I have grown my force to include a Pak 40 and RSO, and an assault engineer squad, (I don't think I will make up the SP Pak 40 for this force) apart from a couple of pieces of armour I think this will be the full size, moving forward I will be concentrating on completing and blogging about elements within this group, so no more group photos until its complete.
I have been adding equipment to those that needed it, and started the basing process, I bought another Italeri tropical FJ box and swapped out all the ESCI FJ heads I had used, much better and more consistent now, I'm pretty happy with how they are progressing, all comments welcome.


  1. These are looking really good

  2. Very nicely done, the padded jackets are especially impressive.

  3. That is some very impressive work there. I can't wait to see them all painted and based.

  4. insane (in a great way) level of detail you have gone to