Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Kurita Mechs finished

 Hi guys 

Calling this batch of 6mm mechs done for my Kurita force, will be adding to this force, but will play around with a few red/black/white/buff colour schemes for variety.

Received my first Iron Winds metal mechs today, bought 6 inner sphere mechs, picked them by looks mostly, my knowledge of BT mechs is mostly focused around the BT PC game and MW5, so apart from the Atlas I don’t know much about the others, I’ve got most of the plastic catalyst games mechs, these will expand the collection nicely. 

Have also printed some more 15mm (1/100 scale) BT mechs, the last 4 I printed (the unbased ones) have had some really bad print lines, couldn’t work out why, but finally realised I had moved my printer to another table, which wasn’t stable, will see if moving it back will improve the next print, I’ll get the dremel out and sand down the print lines, then add any detail I sand off. 

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