Thursday 27 October 2022

WIP 1/72 French Renault D2 tanks

 Hi guys

Have constructed 5 modell trans modellbau D2 tanks, 3 late and 2 early, for my 1940 French, these have lovely details, there was some breakage, of some guns and fenders, however each kit has the option of either an early or late turret, so I had spare weapons, and I saved most of the broken fenders by just gluing them back on. 

There maybe an accuracy issue with the kit, you are provide 6 return rollers per kit, however every reference pic I have looked at shows 4 return rollers each side, so 8 all up, but this should be a fairly easy fix, I’ve added some pics with a Trumpeter Char B1, and Heller S35 (tan) and S-models S35 (green)  to show all the tanks I have with the same turret, the trumpeter Char B1 and modell Trans turrets are very close in detail, the Heller turret is the worst of the lot, with some shape issues, but close enough for government work, I’m really happy with these. 

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