Saturday 13 April 2024

WIP winter German figures

 Hi guys

I’ve had a German winter project planned for many years, and have recently kicked it off when I obtained a file for winterketten tracks, so my thoughts turned to figures. I have a fair few plastic figs for the project, and some metals, but I have been watching some of the figures Propylene Foliescu of just some miniatures has been producing, and thought they looked great, he has files for 15mm and 28mm winter Germans, so I grabbed both scales and adjusted them accordingly for 1/72, here’s where I mention I don’t have any link with Propylene, except being on some of the same forums, and I paid full price for his files.

Both scales work well at 1/72, the 28mm files are not fragile and whilst the 15mm files are chunkier, I think they work pretty well as wargaming figure, there are also some March to hell figures I printed as a test in this lot, they are far to chunky at 1/72, but I’ll paint them anyway to see how they turn out, I plan on using March to hell figures for 6 or 10mm WWII at some stage, I think 6mm is their best use, they should be chunky and strong enough to work well. There’s also some AB figures in this lot, brilliant figures, they are quite large though.

I usually undercoat my figures black but thought a grey undercoat would be better for this project, it also helps to show the details better. 

The project will not cover any particular unit, but will cover mostly Heer from 1942 to 45 on the Eastern front, so I’ll use a range of early, mid and late war vehicles and figures.

I have taken some comparison pics with Simon soldiers, FAA and AB figures, obviously you can adjust the size of the figures when you print them, I aimed for about 24mm foot to top of the head. 

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