Wednesday, 10 June 2009

How to: Snow bases

making snow bases looks like it would be hard but is very easy, paint 50/50 water-white glue solution on the area you want to cover, sprinkle bi carb soda over area, shake any excess off, leave to dry and spray hair spray over the bi carb (this last step will stop the bi carb falling off)
This is revels Porsche King Tiger, whilst it is a nicely engineered kit is accuracy is poor, all Porsche King Tigers had zimmerit, I have replicated this with miliput 2 part putty, it was also missing the turret ring, I used the turret ring from the Dragon kit (the Dragon Porsche King Tiger is one of their earlier efforts with a dicast hull, a crap kit but some useful parts included) hatch handles and lifting eyelets made from wire, I added the grenade mesh added from some nylon mesh. I give the Revell kit 7/10 because of the inaccuracies. The figures are from AB a little chunky but nice detail 7/10

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