Sunday 28 June 2009

2 Italeri 75mm PaKs for 1/72 FoW

Hi guys, these are a couple 75mm PaKs from Italeri, not the new ones but the older kit, haven't got the new ones yet so can't compare them, but I will pick a couple up because these ones need replacing, the older Italeri kits are moulded in full recoil, I managed to convert the one behind the small wall into the pre fired position but couldn't be bothered doing the other one, these are on OK kit, nothing special, looses a point for the recoil 6/10 the figures are a mixture of Hat, Revel and the Italeri figs that came with the kit, all have been converted to winter scheme. This blog is great, it has reminded me of a lot of unfinished projects, this being one of them, a mid war winter German army, I am going to base them for flames of war, I didn't want to buy the actual FoW figs because I have so much 1/72 WWII stuff that I don't want to waste. I only have these 2 and the 2 88s from this project finished so I will be re starting this one soon.

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  1. Hi Dan
    Can I recommend "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" as an alternative to FoW, (by Two Fat Lardies).
    Great rules for WW2 wargaming. Much better than FoW IMHO.