Thursday, 18 June 2009

a couple of cats on the work bench

Hi guys, I haven't done 1/72 scale armor for about 12 months now, was waylaid by some sci fi and now the 15 mm Napoleonics, I was recently going through some stuff and came across a box with about a dozen unfinished 1/72 armor kits (in various states of completion) and a couple of Maschinen Krieger power armor kits, I will attempt to finish them after Scott's commission is done, about 6 weeks I guess, the first 2 I will work on will be a Panther G late and early, the late is a Revell kit, have swapped out the mantlet and gun from the Dragon kit, cupola and outer road wheels are Italeri, the early is from Dragon, it is pretty much built from the box, if I remember correctly the barrel is from Armo, this is a beautiful kit, the zimmerit is nicely done, great PE pieces, and I usually like link and length tracks but these GS tracks are very good. IMHO this is the best plastic kit on the market.

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