Monday, 15 June 2009

How too: weld lines

This is Hasegawa's Pz IVF1 in 1/72, have added details with wire and lead foil, added the gear rack on the back and replaced the rubbish rubber tracks with a set of slightly better hard plastic link and length Italeri tracks, you can only make a good display kit if you replace the tracks, because of this I give it a 7/10, using this method I have added weld lines, take a piece of spru, heat it over a candle, slowly stretch it (not to fast or it will break) until it is the desired thickness (this technique can be used for many other modelling applications) cut to length, glue along the weld line, if the glue softens the spru enough you can use a modelling blade to notch the spru into a weld bead shape, if the spru doesn't soften enough heat the blade with the candle and repeat the process.


  1. See, I would not have even thought of adding such detail,...