Saturday, 6 June 2009

Trumpeter Famo 1/72

Today's post is the excellent Famo from Trumpeter, Trumpeters kits are of varying quality, but this kit is definitely from their "A" team, its a very detailed kit, in truth probably over detailed, each track piece has 2 pieces, track and track pad, in 1/72 its a bit of a pain, but the results are very good, it has a full engine and the under vehicle is very detailed, the front wheels are rubber (not my favourite option) but hold paint well. It looses 1/2 a point for the over complicated tracks 9/10
Figures are from Praiser, these are excellent hard plastic multi part figures, the figs are a mixture of a couple of different packs, their proportions are perfect for 1/72, and detail is very good 9/10
Stowage is mostly resin recasts and scratch built pieces, the only detailing I needed to add was the wire frames, I left the sides of the bonnet off to show the engine, but can't see it in the photo's. Weathered with pastels.


  1. Awesome kit Dan. And your BLOG is looking very flash!

  2. 1/72...I thought it had been mislabelled, really beautiful kit and work on that.