Thursday, 29 July 2010

15mm late war Panzer Grenadier Plt

Hi Guys, I have based the first Panzer Grenadier Plt of my late war winter Germans, I'm fairly happy with the paint job and basing, I will take more care with picking the mix of figures for the next two Plts, I made the mistake of trying to have a good variety of figures but forgot about how they will interact to tell a story, however overall it turned out OK, working on a Plt of
StuG IIIGs next. Can anyone guess the unit?


  1. these look really great love the snow awesome job

  2. fAntastic job, I love the snow it's so realistic. Great! Take a look at my blog I'd love your opinions


  3. very nice painting and ideas. As a quick note, fighting in the snow involves a lot of kneeling and crawling. A light white wet brush on the knees and elbows might look good.

  4. brilliant! First time I've EVER seen a decent snow basing

  5. It's an old post, but I am only discovering it now, so...
    This is brilliant!

    As for guessing the unit, they look like SS Pz Grenadiers to me, so I would say 12. SS-Pz-Div because their badge (on the helmets) has more white than black.

  6. Hi Jdavias - its a Heer unit, the camo is Heer pattern but some of the troops have elite sleeve bands (though it is hard to tell from the pics) its GD.

  7. Ok, my bad, then.
    I spotted the sleeve bands but I tought I also spotted a green-on-black rank insigna on the white tunic of the NCO in the 5th photo.
    Great detail in any case!