Monday, 26 July 2010

WIP 15mm command decision winter Geramans

Hi guys, I have converted about 80% of these figures too winter uniform using green stuff, the paint job is about 80% finished, these command decisions are mostly very good, mostly nice poses and good proportions, they are smaller than BF figs, closer to true 15mm, I would give them 8/10.


  1. nice details, what colours did you use on the camo? it very effective well done

  2. Hi James, I use Vallejo paint, the lighter version is a base of 70821 Germ cam beige, 894 Russian Green, and 988 flat brown, the darker version is a base of 824 Germ Cam Orange ochre, 833 Germ Cam bright green, and 50-50 988 flat brown + 70818 red leather, I have done some more work on them tonight and they are coming along nicely.