Thursday, 31 March 2011

Khurasans 15mm Xenos

Hi guys, need some opinions, are these guys to blue? I'm going for the almost black but with a blue shimmer when the light hits look, these will be the blue hive of my Xenos horde, I have another hive the same size which will be red, they are only half done, need to do more work on the bases, paint the details like claws and teeth, then gloss coat, but I want the colour right before I gloss, for those that don't know, these are Khurasan's Space demons, they are the best 15mm minis I have seen, there as some great 15mm figures around, AB Napoleonics are my favourite, what makes these guys better? apart from the fact that Xenos are just cool, is they have separate heads, if you bend the tails and arms and attach the various heads at different angles you can make an endless number of poses, just brilliant, and the detail is awesome, they come in 3 sizes, small medium and the big suckers, they have a range of different heads, smooth, ribbed, and hammerhead, and the poses are dynamic, my first 10/10 score, well done Khurasan. These photo's were rushed, I'll take some better photo's when they are finished.


  1. They look good to me. Blueish- black is what I'll try to do too.

  2. After you gloss, they should have that slippery oil-on-water look. Very nice!

  3. They look great Gunner,
    Look forward to seeing them all glossed up. Sounds like superb figures in 15mm.

  4. I like that blue sheen. I'm looking forward to see how they look gloss coated.