Saturday, 19 March 2011

Post Apoc scale dilemma

Hi guys, I love the PA genre and have wanted to start a project for a long time, my best work is with 15mm so thats what I am collecting, I bought a heap of Khurasans PA figs (very nice to) and a shed load of vehicles, and I need some help with a scale dilemma, I do prefer to have everything in scale, I have both Matchbox/hotwheels and cheap Chinese cars, the Hotwheels cars are great and will make excellent PA road warrior cars but they are over scale, the Chinese cars are, well crap really, but they are more to scale, (they were 1/4 of the price to) I have some conversion skills, so do I convert the hotwheels into something over scale but which will look great or convert the Chinese crap into something workable but in scale? Or do I mix the to, maybe in differant factions? I will be using the trucks etc anyway as they are not bad and will look good when finished, I have added some scale picts, what do you think?

Chinese crap (the trucks are OK)

Hotwheels stuff



Chinese crap


Chinese trucks


  1. I had the exact issue a while back. I have a ton of HO Scale very nice hobby train vehicals, and a good few Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.
    I realized the HO Stuff was finner, and the others are bulkier, with less detail.
    Side by side they are NOT right.

    However...I have the HO Scale for my terrain. These are the things left from the old world, they are ancient. The new stuff is bigger because it was made for battle. Part of my world setting storyline also includes what I call TECH Nation, and they have super computers that hold all of mans history. So when they build something it could look like a crazy Sci-Fi super modern device, or it could be a 1957 hot rod all of the high tech of the day inside. Depending on the mood of the Tech Designer that day.
    That is how I solved it.

  2. I can't see any probelm with using both, the Chinese trucks & the other red vehicles in the first pic look great the other normal cars all look the same. The Hotwheels cars look more diverse, but if your gonna do conversions and as it's a future world, really you can have what you want. So I'd defo use a mix!

  3. What will you base the minis with? Consider basing giving them a few extra mm. I use matchbox cars all the time and I'm pretty happy with them.

  4. Thanks guys, all very good points, I didn't consider the basing, I may actual make them a bit taller on the base, that will help, I think I will use both, cheers.

  5. Look in Ebay under 1:100 vehicles, cheap and good and too scale.

  6. Consider using 1:72 modern plastics with your Hotwheels / Matchbox cars.

    Here is a link to a photo I took of modern 1:72 plastics next to my 1:100 scale cultists in front of matchbox cars.

  7. Thank APJ, but I am trying to limit myself to 15mm.