Friday, 18 March 2011

walkers for my 15mm GZG NI based force

Hi guys, these are the walkers I have converted for my 15mm GZG NI based force, I may add some more detail yet but they are basically done, they will be painted a reddish/brown 4 tone cammo, the main body is the medium mech from the EM4 Mech set, the grey and green plastic bits are from the evil empire GW, guns are the heavy weapons from the EM4 space trooper (not sure of their real name) set, the rest is green stuff and scratch built, let me know what you think.


  1. Very good bit of Kit work here Mate!

  2. That's *bloody* clever mate. Very impressed by your green stuff in particular. Those are old skool space marine terminator hands, yes? It occurs to me that some of the Tau infantry parts might also work. I've just bought a pile of GZG NI figs. I'm very tempted to pinch this idea! Cheers, Millsy

  3. Nice work - looking forward to seeing them painted.