Monday, 18 April 2011

First sculpt finished

Hi guys, some small additions to my first sculpt, did more work on face, added leg armour and some ammo and thigh pouches, used the olive oil to smooth out the new additions (thanks Joe and Roderick) I think I will leave it at this for my first sculpt, next time I will use the olive oil the first time, I have left 3 of the picts uncropt to give some reference to size and better show how the figure looks to the eye.


  1. It´s really good. The face is excellent.

  2. Be sure to get your next putty layer set down on clean putty...then you can smooth out with the oil.
    You do not want the oil getting under the layers of putty.
    Looks better.
    Keep at it mate!

  3. Excellent work Dan!

    Is this going to be a new line in the hobby for you???

  4. Very nice. Those few little changes made a big difference.

  5. Excellent work, looking forward to seeing it painted.