Thursday, 21 April 2011

Colonial Marine heavy walker WIP

Hi guys, does anyone know who makes this walker, I got it in a mini swap, anyway it will become a heavy walker for my Colonial Marines, its not a bad mini, so no reason to convert it I think, a bit hard to see in the picts but there's a GZG figure on the base.


  1. That looks like a Dictator, part of the CAV line from Reaper Minis.

  2. Yup. That there's a "hand-sculpt" Dictator, one of the flagship minis that launched the game back in 2000/2001. Sculpted by James Van Schaik. Originally set in N Scale. It's meant to be a two-man mech, with the crew riding in tandem.

    Here's the link, in case you want more of them.


  3. I'm too late but it's a good looking piece of kit.

  4. Looks like fun man. It has that MAD CAT look kinda.

  5. I'm a fan of your blog. :)

    I've got another Kolossus lying around, so if you are keen I will send it over to you.

    - Pedrobear

  6. Hi Pedrobear, would you rather a swap or sell, if swap, what are you into?

  7. I have a fare bit of GW 40K stuff that might interest you.

  8. Dan, a swap would be great. :)

    As you can tell from my blog, my current interests are in Space Marines, Space Orks, plus LOTR goblins and dwarves. I've actually just made a whole bunch of small ebay buys for all the bits that I wanted, so I haven't got anything I need right now.

    I'll email you and we can carry on this conversation?