Friday, 6 May 2011

15mm Orc/Goblin DBF army

Hi guys, I am cleaning the dust of the stuff in my cabinet and thought I would take some photo's, this is a 15mm Orc/Goblin army based for DBF, I never actually used this army or got to use DBF rules (they are based on DBM) but they looked good, (I really liked DBM back in the day) I have taken a bucket load of photo's, a couple of each unit in the army and will post them in subsequent posts, here we have some group shots and some shots of the champions and Mage. The heads and body are actually 1/72 Medieval, but don't look to bad on the bases.


  1. A lot of good lloking figures Dan.

    I have resisted doing fantasy in 15mm (though I do have some 6mm Fantasy armies in a box somewhere waiting for some paint) but there are a lot of nice looking ranges out there no. What makes are the figures that you have?

  2. Hi KP they are mostley Black Raven Foundry, theres a few Irregular and I think the blue trolls may have been Eureka, but not sure if they are available anymore.