Thursday, 19 May 2011

Final decision on wheeled APC

Hi guys, this is the final decision, I will make 4 grav, 4, 4 wheeled and 4, 8 wheeled APCs, back story, the colonial forces had been calling out for an upgrade of their obsolete vehicle fleet, a once affluent government decided to arm the colonial forces with Grav vehicles, mid way through the upgrade and after a string of wars with mixed results, resulting in the loss of some territory the government found itself struggling financially and scraped the grav upgrade, and decided on a cheaper range of wheeled and tracked vehicles, the 4 wheeled gazelle was part of this range, after delivery the forces complained about the poor cross country capability of the 4 wheeled version, after much political maneuvering the government conceded and agreed on a compromise to deliver half as 4 wheeled and half as the more expensive longer wheel based 8 wheeled version.
In my force the precious left over grav vehicles will be pooled into the forward Recce units, and the wheeled/ tracked will be in the main body, this back story will allow me to play around with a range of vehicle version, add in field upgrades by the veteran troops and I will have a very hodgepodge force, I'm looking forward to this. The last photo has no turret, it will have when finished, I have avoided the 6 wheel version because it resembles the original Saracen to much.


  1. I like that 4 wheeled version more now.

  2. I'm working on the turret at the moment and its coming along nicely.

  3. Second the Lurkers view. Great looking model.