Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hover cars for Colonial Marine recon

Hi guys, I was going to use one of these crappy Chinese cars that I bought to use as Post apoc battle cars as a burnt out wreck on the base of one of my Terminator Grav tanks, so I removed the wheels, but because it is very hollow it looked a bit silly side on, so while I was thinking of how to fill it in I thought "why not make it a hover car?" (see bottom picts) now I have found the perfect use for these crappy Chinese cars, remove the wheels and fill in the holes, the bottom plastic bit is boat/hull shaped and the wheel arches a pretty none existent, so its very convincing for this, the orange roofless one will be one of several Jeep size Military hover cars for a colonial Marine recon platoon, it is only early WIP and will get a lot more detail like weapons, roll bars, and jet engines, the red one will be a wreck, and as a wreck I'm not to worried about how it looks, so it will get some putty touch ups and added to the base, I get 12 0f these for $3 a a local Go lo, what do you think?


  1. If you put them on a short black pedestal they'll have the illusion of hovering. Should look neat.

  2. You dont realize how tiny they are until you hold them in your hand...pretty cool.

  3. Nicely done, and a good idea!