Friday, 6 May 2011

WIP Peninsular Highlanders

Hi guys, my mate Trailape is serving in A-stan, before he left he asked me to make/paint up a couple of Peninsular Highland Regts, the 42nd (which will be advancing) and 79th which is this one in a firing line, I have put some other projects on hold to get these Regts done, Scot is pretty good, he gives me artistic license to do pretty much what I want, because I am an ex soldier I prefer the dirty, grimy, campaign look rather then on parade, the look I am going for here is a unit that has been marching up and down the peninsular shooting Frenchy, with very little resupply, but I still wanted it to look like a Highlander Regt so I kept mainly kilts, I let the command stand figures keep their feathers for contrast, and if anyone was going to keep them it would be the officers, and maybe the pipes n drums, I'm thinking of doing more facial hair, beards and mos, what do you guys think?


  1. I cant wait to see them painted up

  2. Lovely conversions! I especially love the details you've given to individual facial hairstyles. Brilliant work!

  3. Great stuff- I love the guy getting shot- very dynamic

  4. Great conversations - they will look fantastic when they're finished.

  5. Great work with the green stuff Dan!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing these guys painted up. Have you painted Tartan before?

  6. Nicely done Dan, Good to see you back doing Naps.

  7. Thanks guys
    KP - yes in 15mm, you can see them here

  8. cracking Dan,

    I like the campaign look it adds a little something to the games table, looking forward to the completed unit.

    could I sugest you have a crack at a piper!


  9. This is exactly what Victrix is perfect for.
    Love them all.