Thursday, 27 March 2014

WIP 15mm Tau Crisis Battlesuit

Hi guys, here is the first of my Tau Crisis Battlesuits, it is a converted CMG Ayame Battlesuit, I have 3 of these to convert and plan to buy another 6, I will be making them with a range of weapons and styles of heads, this one is standing, the other 2 will be in jumping/landing poses, all C&C welcome.


  1. Aside from the lower legs and feet, it looks quite a bit like the "real thing".

    If you want to improve it to further match the profile of the battle suit, I would consider a larger backpack to house the jump pack, cutting off the "hands", and cutting down the lower leg to be about half the current size.

    But honestly, do you not need to do any of that.

  2. Hey LGP on the effort to result ratio the lower legs will be left as is, I like the hand, and it will be the only one I have, so I'll leave that, but I may do something about the back pack area.