Friday, 9 October 2009

Sash and sabre dio continued

Hi guys
Have nearly finished the first 5 figs, ignore the gloss areas, some oil paint is still drying, as I said in the earlier post these figs are very good war gaming quality, but probably not so good for displays or dio's, there are a lot of fine mold lines and some of the detail is a little oversize (the bayonet for instance, which is fine for war gaming) let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Dan
    They are shaping up nicely.
    Well done.

  2. Man you have real skills both with the brush and the basing love the dioramas, I'm just starting one on my blog but it's the basing that's going to be my biggest challenge.Love your blog

  3. I have just become a follower and i have also added you as a link on my page.
    Cheers Kent

  4. This looks great. What kind of camera did you use?