Wednesday 23 September 2009

build review Sash and Saber 40mm ACW dio sets

Hi guys
A mate of mine (trailape at has asked if I would paint up a couple of 40mm ACW dio sets, so I thought I would do a build review for anyone interested in these products in the future, the 2 sets arrived in the post yesterday. I have an interest in the ACW but haven't ventured into this era before.
First look- I am doing 2 dio sets, I received 26 figures, including 9 casualties, 2 officers, 2 ensigns, 1 gun, a bag with some loose muscats and odds and sod's, 3 trees, and 2 resin bases.the figures are of a very good wargaming quality, but with more mould lines (mostly very faint) than I would like, they have some nice poses and really give the feel of the era, the gun has a lot of small pieces, but looks good. the trees are soft metal and have bare limbs, the bases are nice but have a lot of small air bubbles, her are a couple of photos of what the kits should look like when finished.

And some photos of the figures, not good photos but the light was going down

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  1. Hi Dan
    I'm sure this will be another sterling project from "The Master"!