Saturday 19 September 2009

Hats 1/72 M-10

Hi guys, this is Hats 1/72 M-10, anyone who is familiar with the Hat fast build war gaming kits knows that they are generally good in shape and proportion and are a good start for conversions or for those who like to do a lot of detailing from scratch, but lack detail, the Hat M-10 has no internal turret detail at all, in fact the turret has a floor that shouldn't be there, I have cut the turret floor away, and scratch built the internal hull and turret detail and gun breach, using stretched sprue, plasticard, foil and wire, I also built most of exterior detail (lights, tools, stowage racks etc) from scratch, I replaced all the running gear and tracks with Italeri Sherman ones, I might have to re paint this kit, I made it a very long time ago and am not happy with the paint job (too monotone). All markings are hand painted. 6/10

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