Thursday, 21 June 2012

Trench 2114

Picture from Trench 2114 web site

Hi guys,

I don't usually do this, my posts are generally showing work I am doing or have done, however there is a new company about to release their first figs, I wanted to share this with my followers, as I am quite excited about this new line of figures, and want them to succeed, they will be releasing 15mm and 28mm figures and the line is Scifi based on WWI, the greens of the first 15mm figures are simply stunning, please visit their site. I have no affiliation to this company, just an eager fan.


  1. neat link, I hope the 28's are as good.

  2. They looks rather nice in 15mm. I'd say use em for sci fi as well

  3. Think I've found my Imperial Guard!

  4. Hi Don, yeah I have been eyeing the French based infantry as Death Korp substitutes, and i can feel another give away comp bubbling away in the back of my brain, but better get this one done and dusted first.

  5. I got some SAS troopers from Micropanzer Wargames Studio that with the right head
    change will look very good as Cadian Shock Troops...) I like the Over-sized weapons.

  6. Does anyone know if the line can be bought somewhere else?
    The site has closed...:(