Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WIP 15mm Lemartes

Hi guys, not much hobby stuff going on due to real life, but I have some work done on Lemartes, nearly finished this character, just some work on the crozius to do, and finishing the bolt pistol in the left hand, let me know what you think.


  1. It looks like you captured a lot of movement in this conversion. Really excited to see it based and painted.

  2. This guy looks great, I especially like the chords on his jump pack.

  3. Hi Dan,
    Fine work, I can manage afew conversions and head swaps but tackling a whole Space Marine army!!! Hats off to you!!!

  4. I hope that things are settling down a bit for you and yours. The loss must be difficult, and I'm sorry you're going through it.

    This guy looks great! Your ability to capture the spirit of the material is pretty impressive.

    I ran across something on the Lead Adventure Forum, and wanted to be sure you saw it, in case you might be interested.

    It's a VTOL gunship:

    Original thread on LAF:

  5. Thanks guys
    Varangian - the funeral was today, so I have closure, yes I have seen the VTOL a while ago, its a great looking model, when I first saw it, I thought it was a pre painted kit, it is better it is in unpainted kit form, but I am waiting for Khurasans Doe to be released, that will be my next VTOL purchase.

    1. My grandfather's funeral helped us out a lot, so, I can understand where you're coming from. It's been about seven years and it still hits me at times.

      I LOVE the Khurasan models. Their work is fantastic, in every genre they tackle, which is really impressive. I just found their Blog in order to check out the Doe (I don't know why I never hunted it down before), and THAT is a pretty sweet gunship. I can see it fitting in quite well.

  6. Still waiting to see it painted up.... Looks awesome Dan! This is one cool project. I was listening to the radio today and Thriller came on. When I heard "the fumk of forty thousand years" all I could think about was your 40K project.

  7. Hi Matt, life got in the way for a while, will do some more work and undercoat him today. Need to finish him to start the give away winners unit.