Wednesday 20 April 2016

War of Spanish Succession British/Dutch/Danish

Hi guys

The first half of a large WoSS British/Dutch/Danish commission, this first half is mainly front rank metals, the second half will all be Wargames factory plastics, the FR figures aren't to bad and paint up well, the WF figures on the other hand aren't very nice, ugly faces, the marching pose is OK, but there is only 1, the details are soft, and the plastic seems a bit more brittle than Perry or Victrix, but having said all that, they are fine for filling out massed ranks for the period.
Here we have the British Coldstream Guards (metal), Dutch Grenadiers Regiment (metal) Danish Grenaderkorps Regiment (plastic),  Holstein Gottorf Osten Cavalry (in blue), Rhine Superior Nassau Weilburg (in grey) and mixed command figures. 

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