Saturday 23 April 2016

Th Barony of Dunbar (imagiNation project)

Hi guys

This is the skeleton of an idea for an imagiNation I have been thinking of doing, I'm a 15mm collector, so will be using that scale, and using a mix of Jacobite, War of Spanish succession, Malburian and pirate figures to creat the force, let me know what you think. 

The Barony of Dunbar

A chance meeting between some exiled Scottish nobles and the Scottish pirate Alexander Dalzeel in a tavern in the Caribbean after the battle of Culloden (Alexander was executed in1715, so I have to be a little loose with his timing) Alexander was flush with wealth after capturing a rich Spanish Galleon, and hating the English agreed to finance another Scottish rebellion, thus hatching a plan that led to the Scottish exiles under the leadership of Archibald Dunbar cheaply leasing land in Normandie France to establish a base to launch an invasion to re take Scotland from the English, in exchange for an agreement to fight for France when needed.
This resulted in tens of thousand of Scottish and Irish nationalists, and a force of glory seeking pirates flocking to the banner of the Barony of Dunbar.

For uniforms, I'm thinking light blue coats with various facing colours, the line infantry (who will be a mix of Scots, Irish, French and other malcontents) will have suitable continental uniforms, with a mix of tricorns and blue bonnets, (will do some conversions for the head gear, Clan infantry will be a mix of Jacobite and 7YW Highlander figures, 1 unit will have Dunbar kilts, others will have a mix of kilts, may make some Grenadier units in kilts with bearskins or helmets, command figures will have some converted pirate figures mixed in, Militia units will be a mix of Jacobites and pirates, with a smattering of light blue coats and civilian coats and mixed kilts.  
Not sure what I will do with Cav and Artillery yet.
The flags will be St Andrews crosses with a crowned heart in the middle.


  1. Sounds like a fine project to undertake. I look forward to seeing its progress.


  2. Yeah, I think it will be fun.

  3. I like it, but then I'm of Celtic ancestry and generally favor lost causes ....) Should be a fun project!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Will each regiment have a piper? The cavalry can be a mix of regulars in tricorns and irregulars (Scots and Irish Cossacks) using border reiver castings. Well done!
    Scotland go bragh! Erin go bragh!!

  5. I'm thinking all officers should be kilted to.

  6. Hey, that sounds quite exciting! ...As our own Imagi-Nation is set around your very same timeline (March 1714, currently), and having into account that it enjoys a Scottish regiment ( that ought to be disbanded now --because we've managed to put WSS in Catalonia to an end six months earlier than historical), perhaps we might somehow arrange an exchange profitable for both Imagi-Nations... ;)

    Talking about this and that, now I recall that we've agreed that some wealthy traders in our Imagi-Nations are about to create a West Indies Company --for our plans for 2016 consist of launching a small campaign in the Spanish Main (maybe RPG driven with some miniature fisticuffs).

    If any of this makes come any idea to your mind, I'll be glad to know.


  7. Hi Luis

    I am a follower of your blog, I will keep an eye on your progress, how have the Scots done in your games?

  8. They performed quite well at the only battle they fought - keeping the line despite the Two Crowns artillery heavy pounding they suffered from a start.

    I wonder if their gallant courage had anything to do with the girls of Fiona McGregor Regiment, who also had to bear the bombing, next to them by the left... ;)

  9. I would love to see pictures of both of these units.