Tuesday, 11 June 2019

1/72 group build part 2

Hi guys

Someone has asked me for a step by step for these models, so here we go, will give the steps so far, then do another in a few more steps.

1) Spray a dark grey base coat, Humbrol Pz grey with some black.
2) Mid grey sprayed, aiming for all the centres of panels, this leaves a nice shaded look.
4) Chipping added using dark grey and the sponge technique, trying to not overdo this step.
5) gave 4 of the vehicles a blue filter, and the other 3 a khaki filter.
6) paint the rubber wheels black, tracks and tools vellajo leather brown, you could use chocolate brown, but theres a little more red in the leather brown, which feels right to me.
7) a coat of gloss varnish.
8) add decals.
9) black pin wash. 

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