Tuesday 25 June 2019

1st Modern African Imagi-nation project WIP

Hi guys

My first modern platoon sized skirmish project (might use modern chain of command), an Infantry platoon for my central African imagi-nation, The democratic republic of Botswalia, figures were converted from Italeri's 1/72 plastic Vietcong, Warsaw pact, and US special forces bodies with various US M1 helmet heads, added cargo pockets on their pants, various packs/pouches, scratch built some machetes, I have given all the leaders beret heads, which I will paint either red or green.
Not sure what camo I will use, thinking of using several cammos, maybe 70% Rhodesian or British  denison smock, and 30% another 2 different camos, any suggestions? maybe US woodland and soviet sun bunnies? maybe a tigers stripe pattern? i'de like something with a majority bright green, I want them to look a little irregular but professional.
Thinking I will be able to use them in scenarios from the 70s to today, vehicles will be a mix of British (former British colony, Britain continued to supply) and soviet (captured from wars with neighbours)
I"m also making a ultra modern US and Russian forces and a local communist style guerrilla enemy.


  1. Great work here. I also like this kind of conversions and these ones pare truly inspiring.

  2. Great start,. check out my Modern African Bushwars Facebook page ..photo section and albums ,tons of ideas for you. Great job. I;m doing one also.

  3. This sounds like a job for Peter Pig's AK-47 Republic...

    I also recall reading an article from an old wargames magazine about how modern African warfare resembled tribal warfare, with lots of bravado, ineffective shooting, and the side making the most noise considered having won the battle. Let me see if I can find the article...

  4. that's some real cool stuff!!

  5. Very interesting conversion work on softer plastic figures.
    cheers John