Tuesday 16 March 2021

1/72 Romanian Infantry and a start on my early war French

 Hi guys

I have painted up some 20mm FAA  Romanians, just need to flock the bases, these will supplement my plastic Romanians, converted from Hat WWI Germans and Hat Romanians, and I have made a start on construction of my next  project, early war French, all the grey vehicles are 3D printed, tanks are a mixture of Trumpeter Char B1s, Heller S35s, and Matchbox Ft-17s, I have another 8 s-model tanks coming in the mail, a mix of S35s and 38Hs, and I have a bunch of Simon Soldiers French which will supplement my plastic French figures. 


  1. Excellent work, though the painted figures are actually FAA (Paul Barnshaw's sculpting being instantly recognisable) and not Shellhole .

    1. OK, good to know, have had them for a while

  2. Very nice job where you get the 3d vehicles