Sunday, 27 November 2022

Another German MC platoon

 Hi guys

After completing my own bike combos platoon, I am now doing a set on commission. I received a few comments on how some people wish they could sculpt with green stuff to achieve the same troops, so I have decided to take a different route with this lot, to give inspiration/ideas to those that have limited green stuff skills, for this lot I’ll try and use as much detail of existing figures, I’ll still need to use some green stuff, but will try and keep it limited, I’m using the same Italeri bike set x 4, the sidecar seated infantry will be ABs German seated infantry in greatcoats (link below), I’ve done some minor surgery to get them to fit, next I’ll give them head swaps to helmets, the only GS I’ll use on these figs is the raincoat flap across the back shoulders, I’m going to rummage through my plastic figures for greatcoated torsos to convert the riders. The bottom pic is of my previous effort using green stuff.

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