Wednesday 30 November 2022

“I know nutting”

 Hi guys

I have very fond memories as a young child in the late 70s, staying over at my grandparents, they would let me watch my favourite TV show each night before bedtime, Hogans Hero’s, I haven’t watched the show since the 80s I’d think, but I remember Col Klink was always worried about being sent to the Easter front, and I have had a project buzzing around in the back of my mind for many years now of building a Luftwaffe field division army led by the hapless Col Klink and Sgt Schultz after 1 to many of Hogans hair brained schemes gets them in trouble and their fears are realised with a transfer to the Eastern front, but I had never found the right figures for the pare.

Recently I was perusing Simons Soldier for Germans to convert to WWII Hungarians, (great figures and service, no ties to Simons Soldier, just a very happy customer) I find the sculpting style to be very good for this particular conversion, and I can across Simons Volkssturm HQ pack, and spied a heavy set figure in a greatcoat, which would be a perfect start for a Sgt Schultz conversion, I’d need to give him a tunic and helmet, now to find a suitable Col Klink, a skinny officer, any ideas? I haven’t really checked my stash, but I will soon. 

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