Tuesday 5 March 2024

Pz jager battalion 200

 Hi guys 

Next up for the 21st Pz Div project I’m working on Pak 43/41s for PzJager battalion 200, I have to re do the muzzle break as a seperate part as it didn’t print well, I found this file for sale on Cults3D, but disappointingly it isn’t printable, and took quite some work to get a good print., I had to thicken all the parts and join them all together as everything came as individual parts down to the bolts, it also only came in the towed position, so I had to re arrange all the individual parts into the deployed mode, I think the designer intended it to be printed at 1/35, but would still require work to get it to print, I’m not going to post a link, as I don’t recommend anyone buy the file, I designed the ammo boxes myself.

Figures are mostly Simon Soldiers with some AB

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