Tuesday, 23 August 2011

79th Cameron Highlanders

Hi guys, the 79th Cameron Highlanders, nearly finished, just need to add the yellow stripes to the last couple of kilts, and paint the tasseled cord on the flag pole (anyone know what colour it should be? gold?) this is a commission for Scott (AKA trailape) which I will send to him when he returns from Afghanistan, I have one more regt to do for him, the 42nd, and have just started converting and building those figs now. The light wasn't great so I ended up using the flash, so the colours are a tad brighter then in person.


  1. Looking great, and the tartan is spot-on.

    I think the cord is supposed to be gold, as you say (thats certainly how i painted mine anyway)

  2. Excellent work, Dan!

    BTW, where d'you get the tartan paint form? :-)

  3. Awesome work. Love the officer fig.

  4. Fantastic painting! I'm sure Scott will be very pleased, as would I!!

  5. looking flash mate,

    the cords are red/crimson and gold mate.

    Also I will check but I think the 79th Grenadiers will have a red pin stripe instead of yellow and the piper will be in Royal Stewart!


  6. Thanks guys, sort of hope the tartans are all right.