Wednesday 30 October 2019

28mm Calpe Prussians

Hi guys

Some 28mm Calpe Prussians, and a small group of Perry French Voltiguers finished on commission, first time I have painted Calpe Prussians, actually the first 28mm Prussians I have painted, done plenty of 15mm though, and I have to say I really like them, although the sculpting is better on the line infantry and on the arty and Jagers, either a different sculptor or the sculptor improved over the range, regardless an nice range of figures, that I really enjoyed painting, the Perry figs are their usual very nice standard.


  1. So good. I like the tones used on these a lot - not too bright, but bright in the right places when needed. The dirt and stripes on the pants add a lot of flavor. Amazing figures.

  2. Absolutely stunning!

    Cheers, Ross