Sunday 13 October 2019

Paint progression cheap 15mm mech

Hi guys

A painting progression on the cheap mech, started with a grey undercoat, then black wash, and white dry brush for pre shading, I bought a contrast red to test how they are, and thought I would use this project for the test, applied the contrast red, and then regular acrylic black, the contrast would suit those wanting to paint large numbers quickly, but I wasn't happy with the results, so have gone over it with acrylic red (Vallejo), next up I'll do a black pin wash, then highlights, then add some details, then weathering. I think I need to add more detail to the base, rubbish and debris, thoughts?


  1. Making chicken soup from chicken lips here. Looking great! Love the crushed car and light poles.

    1. LOL, haven’t heard that one before, nice.