Sunday 7 May 2023

2nd test print Hungarian KV-40 artillery tractor

 Hi guys

2nd test print of the Hungarian KV-40 Artillery tractor, the first test print was far to fragile, (I’ll be using those for battlefield wrecks)  the tilt frame broke especially, but the whole thing was to fragile and broke when removing from the supports, they are on the left in the first picture, and the last 3 pictures, so I thickened the frame from .5mm to .8mm and gave all the wheels more support, I think they still look pretty good, not to thick but much sturdier, however I will need to now go back and and strengthen the rear superstructure, as 2 broke off, and the others are a little flimsy, they will get tougher after curing, but I want the final version of the tractors to be able to survive the clean up process, once I’ve strengthened the superstructure I think I will have that as the “display” model version, I then intend to thicken the frame again to 1mm to produce a “wargaming” version to avoid damage on the tabletop. I will cure and clean these up, undercoat in grey and take more pics so as to really see the details, even as I go through this process I have started on the next design, the German Lanz Bulldog D8506 1937 tractor, after that I’ll be searching for a WWII French tractor to build, my Wargaming3D shop isn’t up yet, limited time is delaying that, will sit down and work that out this week hopefully. 

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